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Course Topic: An Introduction to Cinema Therapy: And application to recreational therapy practice

Session Content is CE Pre-Approved by NCTRC
Five (5) Clock Hours 

Course Objective: Independent self-study learner will demonstrate an awareness of the theories and basic concepts of cinema therapy and how it can be applied to help people with mental health needs.
a.)  Read Birgit Wolz’s (2004) E-Motion Picture Magic: A Movie Lover's Guide to Healing and Transformation
b.) Read Danny Pettry's (2014) Cinema Therapy: An Idea for the Recreational Therapist;  and 
c.) Pass an online written exam with a score of at least 70% or better. Unlimited time to complete your course. You're guaranteed to pass or you can re-take the quiz. 

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Bonus # 1: a $ 25 Value  

Danny Pettry will mail you a physical copy of the required book: Birgit Wolz’s (2004) E-Motion Picture Magic: A Movie Lover's Guide to Healing and Transformation 

-- You'll discover how to o step back from  problems in order to feel less insecure, worried, or discontented. Learn how movies can shift your perspective on things and help you to feel better. 

Bonus # 2: a $25 Value  

Danny Pettry will mail you a physical copy of the Cinema Therapy the Card Game!

-- Play it after a movie to enhance awareness of emotions (in self and others); social skills (needed to get along with others) and to help you find meaning in life. 

Bonus # 3: a $25 Value  

Danny Pettry will give you free access to his special report: Cinema Therapy: an idea for recreational therapists. 

-- Discover how recreation therapists can implement cinema therapy as an intervention. 
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